How To Setup Netgear Extender via

    Are you thinking about performing a WiFi extender setup? Don’t know how to install wireless extender via Looking for the instructions to connect WiFi extender to WiFi? If so, you are redirected to the right place! is the default web address through which you can do Netgear extender setup and boost the WiFi range and speed to the long distance. Here, you will get to know the steps for WiFi repeater setup.

    Netgear Extender Setup

    Before going ahead with the hassle-free WiFi extender setup process, there are a few requirements that you have to fulfill such as placing your extender in the same room in which you have placed the router, having a proper power supply, and a workable home WiFi network. Also, install more than two web browsers on your computer or laptop.

    WiFi Repeater Setup using

    You can easily install a wireless extender through two methods i.e. manual method and the WPS method. Here, we will describe the steps for both of the methods to configure

    Manual Method (Web Browser Setup Method)

    WPS Method